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Ajax Fasteners Innovations (AFI) is the research and development arm of Ajax Engineered Fasteners. AFI has a wealth of experience in leading-edge fastening technology. Over 40 products, most of which are patented world-wide, have been developed.

International trends point toward fasteners that are cheaper, faster to use, but of excellent quality and functionality. To achieve this, it has to be recognized that a fastener must be designed for an application, not the other way around. Through intensive research and innovation, developed through collaboration with customers, universities and other research organizations, AFI has managed to provide efficient fastening solutions to complex problems.

Fastening has been afterthought in many applications, which can cause problems with joint design. AFI has witnessed many examples of this problem, and becomes involved with design teams very early in the concept to ensure the integrity of the final assembly.

AFI has been recognized as a leader in fastening technology by Standards Australia, occupational health and safety authorities, industry associations and our customers. AFI has representation on Australian standard committees ME/51, ME/29 and CE/2 among others.

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